Medical Assistance

Bill’s Company Ltd is one of the Zanzibar leading Medical Assistance/funeral & Repatriation services companies. Serenity has its headquarters at Unguja Magharibi – Unguja District, West B, Ward, Chukwani House No. 45. Zanzibar Tanzania.

We are a professional company established in 2019 operated by a team of Medical experts with tremendous experience in healthcare industry. We one of the Zanzibar leading Medical assistance, Funeral home & Repatriation services. We are currently operating Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland where we constantly offer quality cost effective and reliable services to our clients.

In our operations. We ensure full compliance to local and international laws related to environments, occupational health and safety, taxes and specific sector needed.

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Our Mission

To be the most dependable Medical Assistance and funeral home company for travel and health insurance companies in Tanzania and to ensure the best possible outcomes in every single case.

Our Vision

The foremost and affordable Medical assistance provider for the Locals community tourists/expats in Tanzania.

  • Work fewer hours & make money
  • Phenomenal success in our target
  • Retain, high-paying customers
  • You’ll get more done in less time
  • Leadership skills to manage team
  • Generating millions of dollars

Our experience

Funeral Services 92%
Medical Assistance 96%
Legal Services 97%
Repatriation 95%

Our Values


We strive for excellent I everything we do. We constantly improve our services and aiming to satisfy our customers and stakeholders


We are committed to do right thing. We comply with all the laws in relation to our services and internal set of principles.


We do our best to respect and conserve our workplace environment and the planet earth.


We live a culture of imagination, constantly searching for fresh idea. we value people for having the courage to do things differently.


Building on the unique diversity of our people, we become truly different, stimulating and a stronger organization. Working together with a positive attitude is vital for success.